The Problems With Classified Ads In Washington

classified adsProblem With Classified Ads

When it comes to having an online affair, or just looking for casual sex, it might seem obvious that classified / personal ad sites are a good place to start. You can bet that there are a lot of options on the classified sites for you to choose from, and if you are cheating on someone then in your search history it will just appear that you were on Craigslist, for example. A lot of online affair sites use classified ads – but they are all scam sites. It is very rare to come across a legitimately good online affair site from classified advertising sites. The problem with classified ad sites has to do with control over exposure of the ads, what kinds of businesses they let on to classified sites, and what kinds of people are using classified ad sites.

Cheating On Your Partner: Do You Use Classified Ads?

Literally no one that is cheating on their partners will find an online affair site from classified ads. Think about it for a minute: would someone randomly upon a cheating website as they are looking to buy some furniture on a classified ads site? In the first place, all the major classified ad sites do not allow for dating categories or anything affiliated to private sex. While there are often categories making friends that could be used as exposure for online affair sites, this does not happen by any legitimate online affair sites. It’s true that Craigslist gets flooded with ads for massage parlour ladies, and a lot of these business include sex work, but when it comes to private dating or online affairs sites of any time, all you get on classified ad sites is scam sites.

Online Affairs Sites

It comes back to the question of where people find sites for cheating on their partners with. It is a lot more likely that they will search google for a list of online affairs sites or sites for casual sex, and go from there. If you are running an online affairs site, it makes a lot more sense to run ad campaigns on Google Adwords. Why is that? Well, in the first place, the volume of users is astronomically higher than any classified ad sites. Not only that, but the people that are searching in Google are making general searches for lists of sites based on relevance and quality. It’s a more more democratic because the average best and most searched sites will come up first. From a business perspective, if you are running an online affairs site you want to attract these kinds searchers who are just curious about the best options.

On the other hand, if you work with classified ads site there are a number of issues that emerge. First of all, the volume of clicks will be extremely low. Thing about it: if you want casual sex, you will not be looking in the relationship category of a classified ads site. You will search google for casual sex sites and go from there, safe in the knowledge that it is not a scam site. Even this is risky, because there are a lot of scam sites out there in the online dating and online affairs site universe. The point is that people use classified ads to look for specific objects and services to buy – not to have an affair.

The second problem with classified ad sites is that they are never free. Your online affairs site will probably need to pay a monthly subscription just to get some traction. Given that this traction will be so low anyways, is it worth the money? No. Spend that money on Google Adwords campaigns instead.

Dating Scam Sites

The third problem with classified ad sites is that they are packed full with scam affair dating sites in the relationship categories and any service based job listings category as well. These listings usually claim to be massage parlours – but they never are. Instead, when people click through them they get taken to a scam dating site that leads to nowhere. The obvious problem then is that if you are running a legitimate online affair site you will run into the problem that users stop clicking through any dating website listing because they think it’s a scam site. How can you blame the users when 95% of all massage parlour listings on classified ad sites are scams? It’s a bad decision to bring your online affairs site onto classified sites for this reason, just as it’s a bad idea for anyone curious to begin cheating on a partner to look for options on classified ad sites.

The last factor comes down to control: with Google Adwords you can control where your listings go, and how often they are used. With classified ads, because you are either not paying or paying a small about, they do not inform you of where and how often your post will get boosted. They just don’t have the right kind of software to provide that to you. So if you are looking for casual sex then use Google as your research tool, not classified ads because you will be consistently let down.

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