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We tested this married dating website

What is better than coffee? Sex and coffee! That is why we thought that this site may be the perfect combo of things that we loved. Of all the sites that we reviewed, this is one we hadn’t heard of and we were just looking forward to seeing what it had to offer, until we found out what it was that it had to offer. We didn’t love Fling, we still love coffee and sex, but this one didn’t deliver on either side.

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Our Fling.com review

Fling is a site that caters to married people getting to know one another, that is it, getting to know one another. Our impression of an affair is that it is supposed to be exciting and thrilling, those are two words that we can’t use to describe this site. There were a lot of women on the site, and some of them were really hot, but what they were looking for was someone sensitive to hold their hand. It seemed to us that maybe they weren’t just looking for a fun affair, but a do over of their marriage, which is not what we were down for. Of the women that we did contact, we had a whopping 75% response rate. Of those responses, however, nothing great came from them. Once we had a chance to go any farther with the conversation we realized that it wasn’t a site that got your juices rolling, it was a site where women are looking to leap from one relationship to the next. Those girls are too dangerous. You risk to get caught by your wife.

Fling.com user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called Fling. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

What about the women?

The women on this site are predominantly intelligent women who aren’t ready to show their stuff, and aren’t looking for much sexual gratification. What they are looking for is someone who wants to talk about stuff and have a real relationship that involves the sharing of feelings, goals and walks on the beach. In fact, that is what most of the profiles are filled with. Not that we are all about sex, but an affair is supposed to be somewhat about it, no? We also had a good response with women contacting us directly. There were a lot of women who flirted with us and wanted to begin to get to know us better.

Fling.com Features

The site itself was remedial and hard to navigate. There were many features for you to chat and communicate, but none that were all that exciting. Instead of the video chatting being something that is chalked up as sexy, our investigators felt more like they were going on an interview. They all said that there just wasn’t anything sexy, or fun about it. The opposite of what an affair is supposed to be about. You were able to send emails, IM, chat online or to video chat, so there was no shortage of ways to communicate, just an overabundance of communication. In a nut shell too much talk, not enough action.

How much cost the membership on Fling.com?

You were able to try out a free membership, but once the trial period was over the rates jumped considerably. Not well worth the money, it just didn’t seem like it was the best use of our dollars. The only way to pay was through credit card, which if you have read our other reviews, is not our favorite. It is a great way to get caught, and to send up a red flag to your wife. That is why we prefer different payment options. There is nothing that will tell your wife what you have been up to more than a monthly subscription that has no code. Also, it only took two different transfers to find out where the charge was being spent. That for us is a huge no-no.

Is Fling discreet?

We opened up a new email account to see what the effect of filling out and signing on would have on our email account. It was like getting a mailbox stuffed with junk mail. Overflowing, there were hundreds of xxx advertisements that came our way. They had no problem sharing our information with everyone else in town. You may be better off just going to the real cafe to find an affair. This site got a big fat NO from every one of our testers.

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