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We tested this married dating website

If you are wondering who Victoria Milan was, so were we, so we decided to Google her. She is a famous for matching up married people around the world and making it feel alright to have an affair. Although we praise her efforts, we can’t praise her married dating website. There was nothing about this site that we thought was spectacular. In fact, being one of the first to start a site like this up, you would think that she would design something that was a little more conducive to actually meeting married women to have an affair with. This is a site that caters to people who are married, but falls short of being anything to write home about. If you are looking for a site to meet the married person of your dreams, this is not the one.

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Our review of

We started off on this site by using the free trial period. We loved that we didn’t have to pay to just look around. When we did start to look around, we loved what we saw. There were hundreds of women in our area who were not only hot, they were looking for someone just like us. So we took the bait and we signed on. What we found then was a completely different site. The old bait and switch scheme, once we put our money out, all the beautiful women seemed to disappear. The site that we thought we were paying for was not the one it turned out to be. Disappointed by what we found, we also found there were no refunds. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called VictoriaMilan. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

What about the women on this cheating site?

The women who were on the site were nothing to brag about. Nothing that really made us go crazy over, they were more desperate housewives types, but not like the ones on the television series. These women were somewhat homely and we could see why their husbands wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. Being designed with more of a feminine feel in mind, we quickly saw that there were ten women for every man which you would think would be great. It wasn’t. We couldn’t really find any women that we wanted to contact and were inundated with women in our area who were dying to go out with us. Quite a switch from the other sites you would think that we would be excited for the change, but it wasn’t a good one.

Is Victoria Milan discreet?

The site was pretty decent at keeping our privacy intact. The billing was easy to understand and gave you many options to be discrete. Many different forms of payment were accepted making it more likely to not get caught. Also, the price was well within budget, but you get what you pay for. When we did sign on, we didn’t have to go through hoops, in fact the entire billing process was the simplest that we found.

The outdated graphics were something that threw us for a loop. We’re not sure who designed this site but we are pretty sure they didn’t win any awards for doing so. The graphics were poor and so was the site navigation. It was difficult to figure out and limited. It just didn’t offer the same convenient add ons, or other features that you get with the other better sites. The offerings were pretty poor compared to the other sites that we recommend.

Our conclusion

On a whole this wasn’t the worst site that we reviewed, but it definitely was not the best. There wasn’t a whole lot of “inventory” to go through that was quality, but lots of women to weed through that we weren’t interested in, and neither would you be. If you want to find a sexy woman to change your sex life, this is not the site to do it on. This is a site that you will want to take a pass on. It isn’t the worst waste of money, but it was a huge waste of our time and efforts. Go with another site that is worthy of your energy instead.

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