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Just like the site name says, this is a site that is chalked full of married women who are looking for nothing more than sex. Unlike other dating sites where married women are looking for someone to hold their hand when their husbands won’t, this is a site where the women want you to hold something more fun. They aren’t looking for a sensitive guy to “listen” to their needs, they aren’t even looking for stimulating conversation. The only thing that they are looking for is to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The women on this site love their husbands and have no intentions of leaving them, they are just sex addicts who want to have a little fun on the side. Why is that the best situation for you? It is because you never have to worry about a stalker who was looking for something more all along. These horny wives are happy in their current marriage they just want to have someone knock their socks off sexually. You can do that for them, right?

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Most of the married dating sites that we reviewed were chalked full of two different types of wives. Either they had the ones who were so ugly we knew why their husbands weren’t having sex with them, or they were window shoppers. What do I mean by window shoppers? Picture this, a wife gets really upset with her husband and decides that she is going to get back at him, so she hops on a site for married people looking to have sex. Why on earth would she do that if she had no intention? The reason is because she isn’t looking to have sex outside of her marriage, she is just looking to prove that if she wanted to, she could. News flash, every woman who wants to get sex pretty much can. So what that means for us guys is that they are nothing but a dick tease. Don’t waste your time on another site that is filled with women who are trying to find attention to make themselves feel good. CheatingHookup is a site that has real married women who are looking for the real deal, not just a distraction from their boring day. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called and we really enjoyed our experiences on it. We rated this site #3 in our Top sites to have an affair. Click to visit CheatingHookup

The best feature of this site is the ease of use. You are able to contact women anyway that you feel most comfortable. Not all of us are outgoing enough to call them up and have a video chat, but if you are, that is an option. If you can’t get away for the night, just video chat it up with someone and have a virtual sex session pending meeting in real life. That is the best way to try out the goods before you make the purchase. Why waste your time meeting up with someone, or take the chance of getting caught by your wife, over someone who isn’t worthy. When you are able to have a video chat with them, you can see what you are risking everything for.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the video chat feature, you can hop on your IM and go to town. Sexting, or just texting can be done with ease with any other member once you have a membership. If you aren’t even there yet, you can have an email exchange to feel out if they are the right one for you. Simply send them a message and you will get a reply. Why is that a big deal? Most of the other sites that we tried out didn’t have many people who were answering our emails. We used the same intro emails on all the sites, and this is the one that had one of the top three response rates. Not only were we able to contact many women to hookup, we were contacted by other women. With most of the other sites when we were contacted by sexy women they were nothing more than a scam.

We got a lot of responses on other sites but most of them were accompanied by asking for money. Most of the married dating sex sites are full of escort services who are pretending to be women. They use fake profiles to lure you in. Once there, they know that you will have an easier time finding comfort with paying for sex. That isn’t what we were looking for. If we had wanted a prostitute this would be a guide to which are the best call girl services. It isn’t. That is why we are recommending CheatingHookup.

The reason why we compiled this guide is because we were once in your shoes. We wanted to have sex outside our marriage, but not lose it all. Guess what? We made stupid mistakes and lost it all. That is why the privacy that the site keeps is very important to our rating of it. We take very seriously the practices that the sites go through to make sure that you aren’t caught. These sites are dealing with very sensitive things, but some of them either don’t recognize it, or don’t care. This one is different. They do care.

This affair website is really discrete

They offer a host of billing options to their members so that you can find the right one for you. You know which credit cards, or methods of payment your wife is most likely to watch. You can choose various forms of payment to ensure that it doesn’t send up a red flag. Even better, the way that they bill your option is inconspicuous and doesn’t send up any doubt. That is the key to not getting caught. Most often men get caught having affairs not for any other reason than they make a stupid purchase. That is why many ways to pay for your subscription is a key to us recommending this site. To make things even better, you are able to manage your account from any computer with a login. Only you are able to gain access to your account and your profile, and you need to have the secret password to choose from. That will help to keep it hidden from your wife.

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Unlike other naughty married date sites, they don’t sell your information to anyone who wants it. One of the problems with sex sites, or sex dating sites is that they give your email information away to anyone who wants it and before you know it you are getting solicitations left and right flooding your inbox. That is a huge flag for your wife. If she notices that suddenly you are getting all types of xxx advertising she will know something is up and start investigating. We appreciated that CheatingHookup didn’t just give our information away without care. They actually seemed to care about the people who signed up.

The other married sex sites that we tried didn’t lead to the same amount of actual meets. Sure we were able to contact others, some of them actually answered us on other sites. When it came time to meet in person for the sexual encounter, the women either got cold feet, or had no intention to begin with. That isn’t the case with CheatingHookup. It is a site that led to the most meets and the most hookups leading to sex. This site isn’t a scam, or chalked full of scams, this is the real deal.

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So, like we promised in the guide, we are giving you the tools that you need to find sex within a week. We said that we would provide to you the top three sites that if you put yourself on, you would find someone. This is one of them. Not only is it not one of the more expensive sites, it is the one that allows you the free trial membership. Make sure to sign on and see what it is all about. You will find that you can look around, and waste your time, or you can take our word for it. Why is our review better than others? It is better because we aren’t being paid to say what we say, we say what we say because we tried it out for ourselves. We got caught because we didn’t know what to look for, so our mission has become to save you from the same fate. After all, we are all brothers, we don’t want to see anyone burn the way that we did. Our proof is real, our methods of testing are excellent, and this is one site that, if you want results, you should be on.

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