MaritalAffair Reviews, Scams and Complaints – 2018

We tested this married dating website

If you are looking to have a marital affair, this is not the site to start one on. Of all the sites that we reviewed, this one wasn’t the worst, but it was very far from the best. It just didn’t have it together the way that the other sites we recommend did. It had a poor organization, population and we just didn’t get any results that we were hoping for.

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MaritalAffair is a site that you would think would have you meeting the perfect person of your dreams. Laid right out there in the name, it should be easy to find someone to have an affair with, right? Well, it was anything but. When we got on the site what we found didn’t thrill us at all. The women on the site are alright, most are about a four or less, and they weren’t that eager about the prospects of going out with us. We also found that a lot of them were window shoppers. What we mean by that is that they were all talk, but when it came around to actually meeting out, they chickened out. We got the impression that they were looking for a little attention and nothing more. The problem is that they weren’t even worthy of it. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called MaritalAffair. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

Our review of

When we contacted women we rarely got a response and when we did, the responses that we got weren’t what we were looking for. All of the profiles which we thought were really something special, they were escort services in disguise. If we had wanted to pay for sex we would’ve just called a service ourselves. That was really frustrating, and something that we found more often on this site than others.

Our test results

What we really didn’t like is that while on the site for over three months we had only 5 women in total reach out to us. We had to go and pursue everyone. It wasn’t that the testers we used were attractive enough, they were the same guys that we got results with on other sites, it was just that there were very few people on the site and very few profiles to choose from. If the definition of a good site is the amount of people to choose from, this site sucks.

After being caught ourselves the one thing that we pay very close attention to is the security and anonymity that a site lends to its members. This is a site that was at best middle of the road. They give you many options to pay which is good, but if you choose the wrong one, the red flags are quick to fly. The billing is easy to trace and doesn’t come in inconspicuous like you would think that it does. Being that it is a married site you would think that they may take just a little extra care with your personal information, but they don’t.

After signing up and on, we were immediately inundated with promotional advertisements that went straight to the email address that we supplied. If there is one thing that says to the world that you are on a porno or sex site, it is having sexual content in your inbox. This site had no problem giving out our address to any marketer who wanted it. Whenever we opened up our inbox it was chalked full. Opening a new email address just to test this site, we knew that they were the culprits.

Our conclusion

Having an affair is something that you definitely want to keep secret. If you didn’t want to, you would just break up with your wife. If you want to find a site that cares about your privacy, has the latest and greatest graphics and ways to communicate and hot married women to choose from, this is not the site for you. We failed to really find any redeeming qualities that would make this site worth your while. Not the worst one that we have seen, but by far not the best. This is not the one to waste your time, or you money, on. Give MaritalAffair a pass and go for another site.

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