Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out From Other Cheaters

Just like you get all dressed up to pick up in a bar, when you try online married dating, you want to virtually dress to the “t”. The only way that you have to represent who you are and what you are looking for is through the married dating profile. What is a profile? It is the description that you give of yourself to those who are looking through people to contact on dating sites. Normally the profile consists of a picture and then a short written description of who you are and what you want from your relationship with another person. The way to get people to contact you is to say the things that they want to hear. If you don’t sound very attractive, it doesn’t really matter what you look like. Your profile descriptions needs to have some key ingredients to attract the married women who want to get laid with you.
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When you create a KILLER profile it will differentiate you from the competition and will put you ahead of the other 99% of those who are on married dating sites. It isn’t enough to have a pretty face, although that helps, you have to tell women what they want to hear if you want them to want to go out with you. They have to feel secure that you are going to be different from what they have at home. They may already have a negative impression of men because of the men in their lives, so you have to prove to them that you are better than what they go home to. How do you do that? By creating their fantasy man.

Women watch chick flicks for one reason only, because of the way that they make them feel inside. Every woman wants for a guy to sweep them off their feet. The problem in their marriage now is that their guy is probably ignoring them, or taking them for granted. You have to be the knight in shining armor who is going to come save them from their hum-drum world. You have to convince them that with you life can be fun and exciting again. Many women want to have the excitement back in their life. They are looking for a “bad guy”, but not the type of bad guy who treats them badly. That is what they probably have waiting for them at home. You have to create an online dating profile that will tell a story of the guy that they have been waiting for all their life. Make yourself sound like you are a hero looking for a damsel in distress and you will have girls falling all over you to go out with you.

Choose a good picture

When choosing a picture make sure that you find out that shows all of your assets. A woman wants a man who is strong and masculine. They want someone who is powerful and can defend them. Most of all they want someone who looks fun and happy. If you look too serious, or angry in any way, they are probably going to give you a pass. The one thing I can guarantee is that they aren’t getting at home fun. Show them that life with you can be fun again. Nothing cheers a lonely woman up more than a smile and a positive attitude.

You can also play the poor lonely guy. Make yourself out to be the sensate guy who just can’t seem to get enough love from the woman that he is with. Women like to save guys so if you make yourself out to be a poor guy who is just looking for someone to love him, you will be able to play on the sympathies of the women who are looking. Women have it in their nature that they are supposed to take care of those around them. Make yourself someone who needs a little love and TLC and you will have women eating out of your hand.

Tell a story

If you are someone who is not very good with words, then tell a story. You can create the profile anyway that you want. If you step outside of yourself and pretend to be someone else, then you are able to tell a story of someone who is exciting, romantic and captivating. You don’t want to be the same boring man who doesn’t have any fun anymore, who doesn’t smile anymore, and generally just doesn’t know how to have fun. Think about all the things that you would like to be, and make that character you. Think about the most enticing character that you can think of and make yourself that person. You don’t necessarily have to lie about who you are, but you do have to make yourself sound good. Don’t discount yourself, or come up with a downtrodden, “poor me”. No woman wants to go out with someone who is depressing, or generally just a miserable person. That is the guy that they have at home. You have to offer to them their fantasy guy.

Your profile should be short, concise and to the point. Be clear about what it is that you want out of the relationship and what you don’t. You don’t have to go into your past, or who you are. In fact, keep it very matter of fact. Devise a profile that gives you a hint of mystery. Just make sure that you make it clear that the person you go out with will be number one to you. Tell them how you will treat them like a queen and pay them the attention that they aren’t getting at home. You don’t need a novel, just a couple of really good phrases, to catch their eye.

Above all, post a picture that has you doing something fun. If you own a nice car, or you have accessories like a boat, or a motorcycle, include those things. You want to show to them that you have the means to show them the time of their life. No woman wants to go out with a man who doesn’t have the means to show her a good time. Put things in the picture that show that you know how to have fun and live on the edge. Don’t brag about it in the description section. A woman isn’t looking for your professional resume, she just wants to know that you have the desire, and the means, to show her a fantastic, fun and exciting time.