LonelyHouseWives Reviews, Scams and Complaints – 2018

We tested this married dating website

We reviewed many sites that catered to married people looking for love and this was one of them that we in good consciousness could just not recommend. There are many reasons why it just isn’t the one that you want to get involved with, but above all, the biggest one was that barely any of the women on it are real. That is right, out of all the sites, this is the one which had the highest ration of fake profiles, and scams. Maybe it is inherent in the name, preying on lonely people, but whatever it was, we couldn’t find a real person to save our lives. That was very troubling. Not worth the time, it was a waste of money and energy. That is why we recommend that you stay far, far away from it. If you don’t get scammed, it will get you caught for sure.

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Our review of Lonely Housewives

When you hop on this site it is full of scantily dressed hot young women. The profiles look more like porno advertisements and you think “this can’t all be bad”. Then you move onto the trial membership. During that time you are inundated with more hot married housewives who are supposedly dying to have sex with you. Then you get hooked. You sign on for a full membership and before you know it you are paying close to a car payment. If you were getting the results that you wanted then that wouldn’t be a problem. The biggest problem that we found was that this site had the highest preponderance of fake profiles. They weren’t real hot women, they were real expensive escort services who were trying to solicit you to pay for sex. Only you didn’t see them coming until you had already signed on.

LonelyHouseWives.com user complaints and scams
We give a try to a married dating site called LonelyHouseWives. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

Is LonelyHousewives.com safe?

The scams are abundant on this site. When you contact women they seem to be all ready to go. They can’t get enough of you and want to get to know you up close and personal really quickly. What you soon get is a request for money. Of all the women who we contacted we got a great response rate at 78%, but of those women who responded not many of them were real. Of all the people who contacted us, not a single one was a real woman who wanted to carry on an affair. Being very disheartening, it was one of the biggest waste of time.

Being not a cheap site, you would think that they would at a minimum keep your desires a secret, nope. This site sold our email address to just about anyone who wanted it. Our email inbox was so full of nasty advertising that we had over 100 emails in just one day. We didn’t even know that that was possible. Obviously they aren’t just making money off of the high priced memberships, they are also doing so by selling the members emails without care.

The billing options are varied, but the problem is that they come up as a 900 number, like a sex service. Try explaining that to your wife over dinner. It only took one phone call to the credit card company to find out what we have been up to. There wasn’t a single password that was required to discuss our account with an account specialist either. All we had to do was make a quick call and we quickly were able to access our account. If you are looking to get caught and give half to your wife for life, this is the perfect site to get you there.

Our conconlusion

Of all the sites that we reviewed, this one was the worst offender in every way. It had the biggest amount of scams, it had the most fake profiles and it did the worst job at defending our privacy. There was not a single benefit that we got from this site. We aren’t sure how it is still in operation, but we are assuming that it won’t be very much longer. The worst news? They aren’t about to give you a refund on your membership when they do go down. Save your time, energy and money, and don’t even check this one out.

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