Is AffairsClub a Scam Site Or It’s Possible To Have Affairs?

We tested this married dating website

There is a difference between married dating sites and married hookup sites. The major difference is what AffairsClub is all about. There are some who want to engage in an affair for many personal reasons, sex being only one component of it. Then there are those who are looking for no part of a relationship. The only thing they want out of another woman in their life is sex. AffairsClub is a site that is all about having a sexual encounter with a married person in your area. Instead of worrying about the niceties, an adult site is about finding someone to just get your rocks off with. Of all the sites that we reviewed, this is not only one of the best sites, it is one of the sites that specifically got us laid, consistently, every time. Being one of the best out there, if you are looking to have sex instantly, without any commitment or hassle, this is the site you should be hopping on.

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It is difficult enough to keep one woman entertained in your life, if all you are missing in your marriage is a hot time in the bedroom, then AffairsClub is the right site for you. Filled with hot, sexy, unhappily married women, it is full of women who want to meet for nothing more than sex. Unlike the other sites that we went to, the women on AffairsClub were hot. They weren’t desperate housewives who make it obvious why their husbands aren’t having sex with them. They are beautiful women who are around the globe looking for someone to pay them a little attention. Each profile was more beautiful than the next. The best part was that of all the times we attempted to contact women, not only did they return our request, they were real. The other sites had a preponderance of fake profiles which were nothing more than a front for escort services, this one was not like that. It had real women, real hot women, who were just looking for a little fun and escape from their own boring lives. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called and we really enjoyed our experiences on it. We rated this site #2 in our Top sites to have an affair. Click to visit AffairsClub

This affair website is really discrete

The best part about this site is that it was one of the most discrete. As we said before, the reason that we wrote this marriage dating guide is to help people not go through what we did. We want to ensure that we can get men the sex they need without getting caught. This site had one of the best security set ups of all the sites. They offer many ways to pay, all which are very hard to trace back to a membership on the site. Giving you options such as Paypal or other money clubs, you can pay your membership fees without worrying that your spouse is going to find out. That is a huge thing, and one that we took very seriously when rating the sites we went on. The best part is that the site itself won’t break the bank. It is a site that was middle of the road as far as cost. When you want to start a relationship with someone wouldn’t you rather spend the money impressing them than paying for the membership price?

On other sites there were women who were absolutely gorgeous, but when we tried to contact them, we found out that they weren’t who they said they were. Either the person that answered us back was not who they said they were, or they were immediately asking for money. Since the hookup sites are more likely to have scams attached, it was not unusual for us to have a hard time finding real people on the ones we checked out. The reason why we chose AffairsClub was because it was the one which we found the most real women and least fake profiles. That is truly rare to find in a married hookup site.

How much cost the membership on

The cost of the membership is not only inexpensive, there is a free trial membership where you are able to get on and look around. Although they are the ones that we rank in the top three, it is still something that you may want to at least give a try. Once the free membership is over you are able to join on at different levels. There are different types of membership plans to fit every budget and what everyone is on the site for.

Easy to use

The best part about this site is the ease of navigation. Not only is it pretty self-explanatory, there are many ways to communicate with other married people next door, or around the world. They have either ways to leave a traditional email message, chat in a chat room, IM or you can even video chat. That makes it easier to make sure that you want to put out the time and energy to meet someone before you actually put out the time and effort. The best part about it is that you are able to “video” chat. That means that you can see the goods before you invest the time to see them. If you find the one for you, you are also able to “chat” with them anytime you want. If you can’t get away from the Mrs., you can make contact via the internet. That makes for virtual and remote sexual encounters whenever you want. What other site gives you those sorts of options?

What About the Women?

The women on AffairsClub are not your typical lonely housewife type. They aren’t desperate women who are waiting at home without their husbands for a reason. When we think of eager housewives, there are two types. The type of women that are hot and ready, and then the type of women that no one would touch with a ten foot pole. Here we have women that are hot and ready, and ready for you. Almost everyone that we contacted was a six or better, and of all the ones that we did, we got an answer back 90% of the time. That is one of the greatest response rates going. These women were also not window shoppers. Sometimes hookup sites can be filled with people who like the thought of hooking up and get excited just by talking to other married individuals, but when it comes down to actually meeting people out, they chicken out. The women on these sites have “balls”, well not real balls, that is for another site entirely. They are women who have made the choice that they aren’t going to sit around and be unhappy. Taking the bull by the horns, they are going to go out and make the best of their lives by having the best sex of their lives. What are they looking for? Just average Joes like you.

Who did we send out to test? You may be thinking that we sent out our best looking recruits to check out what the merchandise looked like. We didn’t. We sent out guys who look just like you and I, nothing special. They used different types of responses to email women and find out what was on their mind. Of all the sites, this one had the highest rate of responses, and of those responses, it led to the highest number of actual hookups. The most spectacular part? Those hookups led to real life sexual encounters. More than we found with any other site, this was the one that really stood out for what it had to offer!

We told you in the guide that if you wanted a guarantee of a hookup, if you put yourself on all three of the sites that we recommend that it would have you hooked up. This is the primo one we chose. If you can’t find someone to hookup on this one, you should probably pack it in. Not only did it have the best responses, many women came to us. That’s right they sent us emails looking for dates. We followed those contacts to make sure that they didn’t lead to fake profiles and you know what? They absolutely didn’t. I can say with undying certainty that everyone but one of the women who contacted us thinking that maybe we could get together were on the up and up. On other dating sites, most of the contact requests that you get are nothing but escort serves in disguise, not on AffairsClub. They had the most real people, really looking for the same thing you are. They don’t want a full blown affair, heck most of the time they don’t even want to know your name. They just want to have some thrilling and gratifying sex in their lack luster marriage. You can oblige them can’t you? If you are looking for a site that will get you exactly what you want out of a relationship…sex, this is the site you will want to be on.

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