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We tested this married dating website

As stated earlier we went through hundreds of married dating sites to see what they are all about. We didn’t go into them completely blind. We have had our problems in the past. We rated them all according to the pitfalls that we have encountered in the past and what they had to offer. What we found was that EroticAffairs tops our list as one of the three best sites on the internet for married people who are looking for a little romance, a little something special, and a little sex on the side. EroticAffairs isn’t your average dating site. It is a site that caters to married individuals who want more out of life. They aren’t looking to leave their current relationship, they are just bored with not having the life that they want. The people who were on this site were real, and really ready to make a connection.

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Other sites that we ranked had people on them, but they didn’t really seem ready to go to that next step. It seemed as if the other sites were just people who were window shopping. EroticAffairs was chalked full of people who had already made the decision that an affair was something they wanted to engage in. They weren’t there to waste time, or just to chat to make themselves feel better. The people that we encountered on this site were primed and ready to go. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called and we really enjoyed our experiences on it. We rated this site #1 in our Top sites to have an affair. Click to visit EroticAffairs

What about the women on this cheating site?

Not only did we experience very few fake profiles, we got responses from the people that we contacted. We didn’t use supermodels as bait, we used everyday average guys just like you. They reached out to the women on the site and what we found was that they were willing to answer back. More than willing to chat, they also were the most likely to meet up and to have sex with the guys we sent out to test this site.

Not only were the women real women, they were real hot women. Some of the other sites were full of women who it was easy to see why they weren’t getting the sex that they wanted. Not to be mean, some of them we were even shocked they had found the man that they married to begin with. The level of beauty on this site was second to none. They may not have been supermodels, at least not all of them, but the majority of them were the ones you would see in a bar and just have to buy them a drink. The best part about the girls is that they were all ready to go. They weren’t just testing the waters, they were ready to dive in.

Of all the women that we contacted, we got a response rate of over 90%. That means that even as an average Joe, we were able to get almost every woman to at least acknowledge us and give us a shout back. It was hard to get anywhere on the other sites when we couldn’t even get women to respond. This site had the highest response rate of women who were at least willing to give us a chance to work our way in the door.

Why we like

Since the whole reason why we decided to write this guide was because we were caught with our pants down, one of the biggest thing we took into consideration was privacy. We ranked these sites according to how safe they were to use, how well they kept our anonymity intact, and how well they understood that keeping our secret was important. EroticAffairs was one of the top sites who we felt secure signing onto. They had many billing options that made it less likely that you could get caught. They understand that the people who are on the site were to be discrete and they strive to help you in that goal. They didn’t sell our emails to every Tom, Dick and Harry, rather they kept our private information private. They understand that to keep a married person wanting to come back, they have to afford them some secrecy and privacy and that is their number one goal. Every dealing that we had with them required some sort of password and we didn’t open our inbox to find that it was flooded with millions of other sites that they sold us down the river to. Recognizing that married dating sites are something that you don’t want to advertise you are on, they didn’t advertise our email addresses around town and for that we were very thankful.

Another great feature that they had was that you could make contact in many different ways. Some dating sites only allow you to send messages, or to leave emails. This site allowed you many different streams of communication depending on what you are comfortable with. If you don’t want to waste your time meeting with someone before you really know what they are about, and more importantly, what they look like, you are able to chat with them either in a chat room, or you can have the more personal touch of video chatting. Being able to see someone before you actually meet face to face is huge. Once you do establish a mutual “like” you are able to engage in more than just small talk. You can have your own hookup session online. Being that it is just the two of you, you can meet virtually anywhere you desire. Also, whenever you have the desire. You can also meet in chat rooms with other married people. Perhaps you are looking for more than just a one-on-one. You can chat with many people at once. Set up a group experience, or get as crazy as you want.

Fast Results

The best part about this site is the ease of use. You don’t have to be a computer specialist to figure out how to talk to the women you want to date. With other sites sometimes it is more difficult than just finding them in a bar. This site has full color photos and descriptions that introduce the women in your area, before you have to introduce yourself to them. With many add ons you are able to see profiles from the convenience of your smart phone and other mobile devices. If looking through the site while you are at home is just not an option, having the ability to take the site to go is a huge advantage! If you want to contact a woman when you are on the go, there are options available to use your smart phone, or other devices that you can deal with remotely.

This affair website is really discrete

Since security is of the utmost importance to married people, they take great pains to make it as discrete as possible. They don’t send up red flags by making billing to your credit card obvious, nor do they send things to your personal email unless you request. They give you tips and tricks about how not to get caught and the best way to have an affair that won’t jeopardize your current marriage relationship. This site truly gets it and has it all.

How much cost the subscription on

The best part about EroticAffairs is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Even if your spouse doesn’t see the bill, having to find a large sum of money to pay every month is going to at some point take a toll on your monthly budget. If you don’t have that much left over to begin with, you don’t want to spend it on finding someone, you want to spend it on impressing them. This site had one of the lowest priced memberships of the others. You get to do everything on the site that you want without breaking the bank. If you want to go ahead and just get your feet wet and see what it is all about, they have a free trial memberships available that allows you to see what other married people are on the site and make sure that you “fit in”. They are so sure that you will love the features and convenience of the site that they are willing to let you hop on for free. With many different membership payment levels to choose from, the amount that you want to spend is up to you. Of all the sites, EroticAffairs is one of the top three that we can guarantee to you that you will be able to find someone in a very short period of time. Don’t take the chance of using another one. We tried this one and it is true that it is one of the very best for those who are looking for real results.

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