How To Contact A Married Woman For The First Time?

Like walking up to a woman in a bar, the line you use up front will make the difference between them wanting to get to know more of you, and them saying “goodbye”. The first email that you send is your first and only impression. That is why it is so important to get it right. If you send something that sounds cheesy, or not real, you are probably not going to get a reply, or you are going to get a “sorry but no thanks”. If you want to increase your chances that a woman will give you a chance, you need to know what to say to her. Married women on dating sites will get many emails, especially if they are attractive. You need to find a way to make yourself stand out, and to be more attractive than the other men who will be sending her messages. But how do you do that?
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We wanted to make sure that we were giving you the best advice about how to get noticed through your intro email, so we sent out hundreds of different combinations of emails to see which ones got us the greatest response. What we found is that what we thought would work, what makes sense to guys, isn’t always what women are looking for. A woman wants something more than a pick up line. If she wanted that she would probably just be hanging out in a bar waiting for you. Married women are different from single women, especially in what they want from a man. When you are sending your first married dating emails, it is important to keep that in mind. There are certain things that they want to hear from you. There is a way to trigger them to want to answer you. Even if you aren’t the hottest guy on the married dating site, you are still able to get women to answer you and want to give you a chance.

We found that there were 3 first married dating emails that got us the most responses. These first married dating message emails that we sent out were the ones that got a response every time. Although the phrasing can change, or you can add your own twist, these are the words that women want to hear. There are also rules that you should adhere to when sending women an introductory email to who you are.

These were the three emails that we had the most success with:

I have never done anything like this before, but saw your picture and knew that life was too short to not at least try to contact you. If you are likewise looking for something more in life, I would like to explore how happy life could be with the right person.

I wasn’t sure if married dating was the right thing for me and then I saw your profile. I haven’t ever done this before, but was compelled to contact you and see where this could go. If you are looking for a fun time filled without complication, I would love to get to know you.

I came across your profile and just couldn’t stop staring. You are the woman that I have been looking for. I was searching for someone to make my life happier and think that your beautiful smile is just the thing to bring back happiness in my life. If you are interested in seeing where this could go, I look forward to hearing from you.

Why our dating emails work ?

Why do our emails get a 90% reply rate? The reason is that the first married dating emails should always say that this is the first time you have done this. Ultimately, the woman that you are contacting probably feels a little intrepid about what she is doing. Knowing that you are not in the habit of just picking up women will make her feel special. The whole idea behind the contact email is to make a woman feel like she is something so special you just couldn’t pass her up.

Most likely the married woman that you are contacting is fed up with being ignored, or taken advantage of. She is looking for someone to come sweep her off her feet and make her feel special. Women get tired of taking care of everyone else and want for someone to pay attention and take care of them. Your first married dating message should show her that although you aren’t in the habit of married dating, her beauty was the thing that convinced you that life could be happier with her.

Your first married dating emails should contain some components. First, you should always compliment her profile and picture. You have to tell her she is beautiful and you just couldn’t pass up contacting her. Secondly, you have to say that this is your first time and that you don’t normally do this. A woman is looking for a guy who hasn’t been around the block a thousand times. They want someone who couldn’t resist them. They want to believe that you are looking for the “one” and that you believe they have something that special. Looking for Prince Charming, they want someone who isn’t just contacting everyone to see what the response will be. They want to believe that you are choosing them, because you just can’t not have them.

It is all about the attention and compliments that you are throwing their way. Not in a cheesy, “I can’t live without you” way, just in a way that says you really think they are something special. After all, it isn’t really about the way that you make them feel, it is about the way that you make them feel about themselves. Chances are good no one has made them feel good about themselves in a while. Be that person who makes them feel good. If you make them feel sexy again, we guarantee you that they will reply to your email request 90% of the time. How do we know? We know because we tried it and that is not what we think will work, that is what we have proven will work.