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We tested this married dating website

No one wants to be in a loveless marriage. The problem with being in a marriage is that even if the sex isn’t that great, there are many other commitments that will hold you hostage. You need not go through life not getting the satisfaction that you need. With so many married people in the same boat, finding someone who wants to mutually find satisfaction is simple. There are many sites on the internet which are allocated just to married flings, we should know, we reviewed them all. What we have to say about PlayNaughty is not all that bad, but it is definitely not all that good either. PlayNaughty is a place where married people go to find gratifying sex, but it isn’t a place that comes without risk or scam. As far as our top sites go, this is not one of them. For all the reasons that we will state below, we simply will not recommend it to you.

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PlayNaughty looks like a fun and thrilling site, and I suppose it can be for some, but it definitely wasn’t for us. We put the feelers out there to many women in our area, and then expanded the area, and we still got nothing. It was ridiculous actually, out of all the women that we contacted, only 10% of them even answered our request. Of those who answered not a single one carried all the way through the meet. So, we were on the site for six months and got a big fat nothing, no sex, no fun. If you are thinking maybe we just didn’t put our best men forward, you are wrong. That is what we did. In fact, we used the same guys who were on the sites that we recommend and they rocked it. There was something about this site that left us questioning who is actually getting anything off of it. user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called PlayNaughty. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

What about the women

It wasn’t that the women on the site were not hot and ready to go. Their profiles indicated that they were and their pictures, well, they definitely indicated they were. But, in spite of our efforts we got nowhere. We sent out our best email messages, the ones that worked on other sites, and no one was on board with it. We aren’t that uncool. We were able to get laid on the other ones, so what was it about this one? All we can guess is that most of the profiles were fake and that there were a lot of scams going on. Either that, or it is filled with what we call window shoppers. Maybe the women were just there to get a little attention and to prove to their husband, and themselves, that if they wanted to they could totally cheat.

We also didn’t get anyone who was dying to contact us. In six months we had exactly 10 contact requests, yep, 10. Of those ten, when we tried to answer back, they were nowhere to be found. It was a big letdown for us. It had all the features that we were looking for in a site, and seemed to be pretty innovative and up to date, so we aren’t sure what the problem was. All we know is that there was definitely a problem. Being able to IM, email, video chat, use a chat room, or just plain old voice chat, you would think that we could have made some decent connections…we didn’t.

Is PlayNaughty safe?

The security was not what we would expect from a site that is there for married people who are looking to hookup either. They had many ways to pay, but they would send annoying reminders to our email that we couldn’t shut off. Imagine if you were a guy and you didn’t catch that one on time…ouch. The worst part about it was that they didn’t have any problem selling our email address to other porno related, explicit sites. Nothing tells your wife you have been up to no good more than getting explicit emails. That just screams that you have been doing naughty things.

Our conclusion

On a whole we liked the site, we just didn’t like the lack or results, or responses. What good is a hookup site if you never actually get to hookup. It wasn’t cheap to get a membership to PlayNaughty, so save your money and spend it on another site where you get results.

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