Avoid To Get Caught – Don’t Be Dumb when you are cheating

The whole idea behind having an affair is to get the sex you want in your current relationship without your current partner, and without them knowing. It may seem like a simple concept, but one that many people get tripped up on. Many people just don’t understand that your spouse may seem to be completely oblivious. Even if they seem sweet and naive, we all know that they aren’t. If you even give your spouse a single hint that you are up to something you can really land yourself in trouble. The best way to avoid getting caught is to understand the most common reasons why people get caught at all.
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There are really only four main reasons why people get caught cheating. The reason why people do them is because they don’t understand that they are going to lead to disaster. The best way to avoid getting yourself fin to trouble is to know how to avoid these pitfalls and to have your cake and eat it too. If you want to make sure that when you are using a married dating site you don’t get caught, don’t do these four things. These careless mistakes will get you into all sorts of needless trouble.

Computer histories are a red flag

When you are on a dating site to have a married affair like EroticAffairs, sometimes you make the mistake of thinking that it is an anonymous site. The thing about a dating site is that although it is anonymous, you need to be a real person to sign onto it. Even if you are using a fake name, or alternate email account, it is still possible to get caught. Many don’t understand that you need to use married dating security measures to keep your private information private. They don’t have the precautions needed to erase what they have been up to online.

The number one reason that people get caught when using online dating sites is that they don’t understand that a computer is tracking, and recording, everything that you do online. When you go to a site, it’s forever recorded. When you go anywhere, there is an IP address that follows you. Even if you aren’t using your name, or signing on, your imprint is being tracked in your history. If you aren’t erasing your history continually, then you are leaving a “paper” trail of all that you have been up to. That is what is going to get you caught. The problem is that if you don’t erase your history, your spouse is going to be able to see where you’ve been. If you do, they are going to get suspicious wondering why you are erasing your history.

So, how then do you go about hiding your steps? The best way to do it is either to not use your personal computer, buy an alternate tab to use just for the dating sites, or to take your chances erasing your memory and then build it back up quickly. What do I mean by building it back up quickly? Let’s say you are on the internet and the last thing you do is check your online dating. Make sure after you do that you erase it immediately and then start surfing the net to benign sites so that no one will be able to tell that you have erased your history. By rebuilding the sites you have been to, there won’t be a huge lag, or red flag that your search history is completely empty. Sometimes it is in the emptiness where you throw up the biggest alerts to your spouse.

Phone histories are just as bad

It is a great feature to be able to not only use your computer to internet date, but your smart phone and mobile tablet too. The problem is that with so many different devices to use to communicate with your secret affair, it is easy to become careless and stop taking the precautions needed. Not only is your computer recording everything your cell phone is as well. When you communicate on online dating, there is a large trail that is left in the wake. If you are using your smart phone, you most likely have SMSs that need to be taken care of. They also have back up trails that tie to your email account. If you aren’t erasing and being careful about all of the ways that everything interconnects, you are going to get caught. When you are using different devices, or mediums, to talk to that special someone make sure that you are being smart about all of them. Your spouse is able to get into everything that you have. If you don’t think they are checking, you are probably wrong.

Being careless is going to ensure that you lose everything. The best way to protect yourself is to immediately erase everything. Don’t wait a day or two to look around and see what is there. Once you are done with any conversation, get rid of it immediately. There is no sense in keeping anything around. It is just a good way to make sure that your spouse catches on. Even the most harmless of communication, one that you think you can explain away, can get them investigating into what you have been up to. That is when you get caught.

Choosing the wrong type of payment

When you are dating someone you know that it takes funds to do what you want to do. Whether it is paying for the dating site, or paying for the date itself, if you aren’t careful where the money trail is, it is going to be followed all the way back to you at some point. It is important to consider all avenues of married dating safety including the credit cards that you are using for purchases. The smallest purchase, such as a soda outside of where you said you are going to be, will put doubt in your partner’s head. Doubt is like a seed, it continues to grow and it leads them to searching through your things and creating problems. If you are going to be using a credit card, make sure that it can’t be seen. Cash is always a better way to go, but withdrawing huge amounts of money is also going to be a red flag.

The best way to make purchases, or to buy things for your affair, is to make sure to not use a joint credit card, or to really space things out. Use a different card every time, know what the charge is going to post as, and have a ready-made excuse if they are to question what you have been doing, or what you are paying for. Explanations only become suspicious when they are accompanied by fear, or nervousness. If you have an explanation already waiting, you need not worry about creating any doubt. Know that every purchase you make, or withdrawal that you are making, is being recorded somewhere where you spouse can see it.

Hey chatty Kathy…erase your IMs

When you begin an affair the funniest part about them is the flirting back and forth. You want to contact and be in contact with them throughout the day. Every time that you IM someone you are leaving a trail. Just make sure that when you are talking to someone you understand that it isn’t like a regular phone conversation. When you use the IM feature, it is out there for the world to see. If you have your computer and your phone linked, when you are on your phone, it can be seen on your computer and vice versa. It is fun to talk, but the more you do, the more likely you are to get caught. Know that every time you IM someone you are setting the potential of your partner seeing it and starting to ask questions. Erase all IMs on all devices where they can be seen. It may be a fun way to communicate, but it is a great way to get caught.

If communicating through IM is your favorite way to be in touch, purchase a pay as you go phone. If your spouse doesn’t know that you have another device to be looking for, they won’t be looking for it. It is important then that they never see it. There is nothing that will make them more suspicious than if they find you with a separate phone that they knew nothing about. Be smart when you are talking with your secret affair. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and start feeling like a teenager, just don’t start doing stupid things and behaving like one.

The rules to follow are:

  • Know how to erase your computer and smartphone history and do so whenever you are communicating with your affair.
  • Add all of your married dating partners to people and contacts you already have. Use names of the people you already know so that when they pop up on your phone there won’t be any questions if it is seen by your partner.
  • Open up your own card and accounts that aren’t joint.
  • If it is someone you are starting a lasting affair with just use the name of someone you already are in contact with and keep the chats on your phone. As long as it is a name that your spouse always sees they won’t think anything of it.

If you are able to stay away from the four ways that married dating security can trip you up, you should be able to carry on an affair with no problems. As discussed, the real way to ensure that you will get caught is to create doubt in the mind of your partner. If they don’t know they should, they probably won’t be searching through your stuff. If you are acting like you have something to hide, they will be all over going through your things. Once they start investigating you may as well forget it. Either the fun will have to end, or your marriage will. That is why the best married dating safety is about cooling it down and behaving as if nothing has changed and you have nothing going on. Even acting too happy will lead your spouse to sense that something in you has changed.