DiscreetAdventures Reviews 2018 | Is This Site Legit or Scam?

We tested this married dating website

Those are two words that shouldn’t be used when describing this site. It was anything but discrete and definitely not adventurous. Of the sites that we tested, this is one that got us the fewest of real people contacts. It is easy to see why the people on this site are having a hard time finding sex in their marriage. This is the group that has “let themselves go”. The housewives on this site have definitely decided that they were comfortable in their relationships. Making it even worse, they treated us like we weren’t good enough for them. We tried several times to contact women on this site and either we didn’t get any answer, or the ones we got were “no thanks”. In fact, 80% of the time it led nowhere. A huge let down, this is not a site that you want to invest in.

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Is DiscreetAdventures.com discreet?

Not only was it not adventurous, it was anything but discrete. After we signed on we found out that there were very few options for payment. Having to use our credit card, the membership popped up as DiscreetAdvenures. Hmmmm…that doesn’t seem very discrete does it? Overpriced for no reason, it was the biggest waste of our money, and our time of most of the sites we were on. We couldn’t really understand why they needed to charge so much for a membership, it seems that there was probably enough advertising through the escort services who were constantly contacting us. Not only under fake guise, but right out in the open. They had no problem selling our information to anyone who wanted it. Quite irritating, from the moment we signed on, our inbox was filled to the rim with all sorts of xxx email advertisements. If that won’t send up a red flag to your wife, I don’t know what will.

DiscreetAdventures.com user complaints and scams

We give a try to a married dating site called DiscreetAdventures. Unfortunately it was a regrettable experience.You should absolutely avoid this website. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites. They are DISCREET & SAFE

Comparison of DiscreetAdventures.com

The site itself looked like something that a teenager created on his personal computer, remedial and not at all appealing. It was also confusing and difficult to maneuver. The other add ons that you get with other sites, you just don’t get with this one. The cool factor is definitely missing which is apparent not only in the site’s design but in the people who use it. Looking completely childlike, it feels so wrong to be doing something so naughty.

The ways that there are to communicate, are like the other sites, only definitely not as easy to use. The camera function looks like you have a connection from here to the moon, not easy to make things out. There isn’t any chance of free fun sex, there is just the chance of being able to make out background shadows. No high-tech latest advancement technology to be found here, just old fashioned out dated images and matching innovation.

So what were the good things that we found about this site? It wasn’t all bad. There were times when we reached out and we did get a response. Some of the women that we contacted were real and really ready to make a connection. We actually did meet up with some women who were looking for sex, but when they got close, they must have lost their nerve because we didn’t hear from them. Of all the times we did contact request, we got 20% of them responding, I guess it is better than none.

Our conclusion

If you are going to put out your hard earned time and money trying to make a connection with someone to make your days and nights a little happier, pay for a site that actually works. This is not the one. Not only are you not likely to find the girls of your dreams, you are highly likely to get caught. Without great security measures for your financials, or your personal privacy, this site didn’t pay attention to the small details which are so important to someone who is looking to have a secret affair. The name is great, the follow through and what it has to offer, not so much. We advise you to give this site a pass and go with another that is worthy of your time and money.

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